How to check LIC Policy Status: Online for Register user?

LIC is the one of the largest and public sector life insurance Company in India and it is providing different methods for checking your Lic status.

Here LIC customers can check your Lic policy status in different methods as below. To avail all this services initially you need to be register with LIC.

  • LIC Online services for Register user
  • By LIC customer care center
  • By SMS service
  • By commenting policy number at the end of the page

If you are already register customer than you can avail this process directly by using login page.

Life insurance Company of India made LIC customers life very simple by offering different services and in addition you can also check your LIC policy online free in simple way. So, let us see step by step process of all the services.

  1. Process of checking LIC status for Register users.
  • Go to the Lic website
  • Click on the “LIC‘s e – service” which is seen on the right hand side of the page.

lic service

  • Now click on the “Registered User “block as shown

lic e service

  • Clicking on the registered user it will leads to the new page as shown below. Here you need to enter login and password details and click on the submit button.

lic login service

  • Here it will takes you to new page where you can see policy tool Select “View Enrolled Policies “from the tool

lic policy options

  • After clicking on the View Enrolled Policies it will ask you to enter given text. Enter the text and click on the “Submit”.


  • Now you will get your enrolled policy number as shown below. Here click on the policy number.

enrolled policy details

       Note: if you want your policy statuses click on policy number. Or

If you want Vested Bonus click on vested bonus

  • After clicking on the number, your policy status details will be displayed on the screen.

So, guys with this you came know how to check your status by “Register users” why late than…. just start to know your status and stay with us to check your LIC status through SMS and Call center in the next article.

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